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by James Ritchie-Dunham This book addresses fundamental questions of the quality of the human experience-the experience you have every day, as you relate to your own self, to others, to groups, to nature, and to spirit. It turns out that there are some very fundamental agreements that we tend to unconsciously accept that have a […]


This course develops your awareness of and capacity to shift the fundamental agreements that most influence your daily experience and outcomes. The course is structured in 13 sessions to be a companion to the book Ecosynomics: The Science of Abundance.  Parts of this course are conceptual and parts are quite technical. 

When you decide to take this course allow yourself with at least 26 hours to do it. You will find additional readings along the course, application to dos and sharing assignments. Please use our Facebook Study Group to share your thoughts and rise your questions. After your enrollment in the course we will send you instructions to connect with the Study Group.