Your responses described an experience of your own fullest potential, being seen and supported by another, in a group that collaborates together, where the source of creativity is everywhere, and you are able to translate what you imagine into reality, as captured in the figure below.

In general, we find that groups like this live into the possibilities they see, bringing the potential of everyone involved into the development and delivery of unique, highly valued experiences.  This is still a relatively rare experience, though one that thousands of groups like yours are having.

You might ask yourself and the group, “Is this the best we can do?”

If you see ever-greater potential in your group, then another possibility is available to you.  Your group can agree to a more abundant reality, in all aspects of your interactions. A reality where the agreements you make about how to you interact invite in abundance in everything you do.

You might start by asking three questions, “Where do we experience scarcity in our work together?  How might we bring the same abundance we experience, in most aspects of our daily life together, to those places of scarcity?  How do we need to change our agreements to make that shift?”


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