Your survey responses described an experience of developing and using your capacities, being appreciated by others, in a group that works well together, where individual creativity is prized, and people continuously improve their ability to deliver expected outcomes, as captured in the figure below.

In general, we find that groups like this are quite efficient, effective, and innovative, getting the results they want and feeling good about it.  This is considered the modern, healthy group.

And, yet, you might feel that it could be better.  You might ask yourself, and perhaps the group, “Is this the best we can do?”

If you see that the group could do more, be better, then you have another possibility available to you.  Your group can agree to a different reality.  A reality where the agreements about how you interact with each other bring out the greater potential in each of you and in the group.

You might start by asking, “What deeper, usually unseen, gifts do we have that might make us even more efficient, effective, and innovative?”  If you find some, then you can ask, “How would our agreements need to change to bring out these gifts?”


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