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Systemic Leverage Index Workshop

Systemic Leverage Index Workshop

INTENTION.  This workshop provides strategists working with the Strategic Clarity 2.0 (SC2.0) framework and process an introduction to the Systemic Leverage Index, which is (1) a key distinction in finding leverage points in the SC2.0 analysis, and (2) a key geometry within the Agreements Field Equations, the Impact Resilience Scorecard, and the Strategic “Due Diligence” […]

Managing from Clarity: Identifying, Alig...

Managing from Clarity: Identifying, Aligning, and Leveraging Strategic Resources (free online course)

Managing from Clarity (10 sessions) This course develops your capacity to identify, align, and leverage strategic resources. This course is a companion to the book Managing from Clarity.  Parts of this course are conceptual and parts are quite technical.  Through this course, you will learn how to (1) map an organization’s strategy systemically, (2) identify strategic […]