#01 – Your experience

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Please work the following material:

Chapter Front Material and Overview

Reading version

 Audio version

Chapter 1 –  Seeing Scarcity & Abundance in Our Relationships

  Reading version

 Audio version


Further Readings:

 Sitting in the Harmonic

People Are Self-interested AND Other-interested, Group-interested, Nature-interested, Spirit-interested — All Five at the Same Time

  Is Scarcity Real or Perceived? >> Recommended Reading


#1.1 – Assessing yourself

Now that you have read and heard about experiences of low to high vibrancy in the five relationships, you can assess your own groups, your own relationships, as many as you want!  

As you answer the questions in the free, on-line, 12-minute “agreements health check” survey, you will get to see where your agreements in any given set of relationships lie on the continuum, in all five relationships.

The survey will give you immediate feedback. You will also be contributing to our research on groups, from awful to great – we want to hear it all.

Your results will be confidential. Nobody will ever know how you described that relationship.

 Make your Agreements Health Check >>

#1.2 – Sharing your experience

Now we ask you to share a short video (max. 3 mins) or a couple paragraphs that describe your experience doing this first assignments.

Please upload your files to complete this session

Ask Jim! >> 

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