What we do

World-wide, tens of thousands of groups, in business, government, civil society, and communities are in the process of experimenting with and reinventing their fundamental agreements and discovering that they can generate higher levels of sustainable outcomes and harmonic co-existence.

They are demonstrating new ways of relating—in work and in life—which are more sustainable and lead to greater efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation than has long been the accepted norm.

We envision a world in which virtually all individuals and groups will experience such enhanced capacities by stepping more fully and consciously into their deeper potentialities.

The Institute for Strategic Clarity exists to support those who, in their striving to achieve greater harmonic vibrancy, are leading the way toward this goal.

We focus our efforts in research activities related with Ecosynomics, and we co-invest with our partners and affiliates in initiatives with social impact. We are also committed to developing the capacities of our community, by creating a space to connect and deeply explore the agreements question.

Explore with us the possibilities we are working with, to manifest them in probabilities we can commit to.


Research activities

Our research activities are focused on two major programs whose purpose is the development of this new scientific field of agreements fields and the continuous knowledge expansion of the frames of reference that support Ecosynomics.

In a Global Initiative that invites researchers, from different fields of specialization, ISC creates the space for the collaborative development of scientific thinking around the applications of Ecosynomic principles to different realities, from very different lenses. The very framework of Ecosynomics is a synthesis that brings to light the emerging properties of a complementary analysis of reality, from the lenses of the economic, political, cultural, and social sciences.

In turn, the application of these principles to fields of exploration, as different as that of public health, education, or the environment, brings new ways of reflection and renewed opportunities for observation and data collection. The Global Initiative MEDIR (Mapping Ecosynomic Deviance and Impact Resilience) has as its value proposal the creation of a new topography of socio-economic analysis that allows us to see the current and future reality of human agreements across the globe with much more clarity, since it is based on the structures of the agreements that support human interactions.

In a complementary way, the CHOICE program (Clarifying Hidden Organizing Agreements into Integrated Choice structures for Everyone everywhere every day) invites the community of reflective practitioners to apply the principles of Ecosynomics in their organizational realities and thereby bring scientific thinking closer to the practical applicability of organizations and society.

With this program, the ISC creates the space of permanent evolution of concepts based on the direct feedback of reality. The structure of the program, on the one hand, deepens the concepts and principles through the Foundational Labs, which are then applied by the Advanced Reflection Groups, whose feedback is reintegrated into a virtuous cycle of agile collective thinking generation.

Find detailed information about each program in the links below, and contact us if you want to apply to one of the programs, or if you want to financially support our investment in research.

Clarifying Hidden Organizing agreements into Integrated Choice structures for Everyone everywhere every day

Foundational Labs and Advanced Reflections Groups

MEDIR - Mapping Ecosynomic Deviance and Impact Resilience

The Social Topography of  Human Agreements


Social investment

ISC participates actively in several initiatives with social impact, co-investing with our partners and affiliates in the materialization of organizational transformations that impact their social environment.

Below you can find the main initiatives in which we are involved as well as our partners. If you feel compelled to support one of the initiatives with your co-investment (donation directed to a specific activity), please follow the link and choose the initiative you want to support.

ISC’s co-investment is made through the training and development of intervention hosts, preparing them to apply the tools, methodologies, and frameworks that we have developed and verified for more than 25 years.

Our direct participation in these initiatives is focused on the observation and documentation of the application process by practitioners and hosts, and on data gathering of the experience and results. With these efforts we solidify even further our data sets, to support the deepening and widening of the analysis. ISC researchers participate in the initiatives in which we are investing, guaranteeing a rigorous follow-up of them.

If you have an initiative with a social impact that you would like to propose to be analyzed by ISC, as a potential co-investor, please fill out the form below.


Our Partners and Affiliates


ISC materializes its educational mission, investing in the development of capabilities in the society, that allow the application of the principles and tools of Ecosynomics and Strategic Clarity.

For this, the ISC:

  1. make available at no cost (FREE) two online courses, which accompany the interactive reading of the books Ecosynomics and Managing from Clarity;
  2. it finances more than 50% of the acquisition cost of the PDF versions of the two fundamental books for the understanding of agreements and strategic actions that allow sustainable transformations (Ecosynomics and Managing from Clarity);
  3. develops and promotes in person and mixed training programs (in person and virtual), focused on different levels of deepening the knowledge of Ecosynomics framework:
    • Introductory program (financed at 50% of its cost by ISC) - this 3-day program is intended for all those who, having read the Ecosynomics book, feel compelled to understand a little more about the theoretical framework and the possibilities of practical application of its tools;
    • Technical level program (financed at 50% of its cost by the ISC) - this 6-month program is offered directly by ISC or in partnership with Universities (Universidad del Medio Ambiente - UMA, Mexico) and focuses on the practical application of Ecosynomics tools in the participant’s environment. It is intended in the first instance for practitioners and those who want to continue deepening their knowledge of the theoretical framework of Ecosynomics. After understanding that application possibilities are available in the introductory program, the participants of this technical program will test the application of the Ecosynomics framework and its tools to their specific organizational situation - there is the possibility of involving in initiatives of social impact, the participants who do not have their own organizational situation, for purposes of the application required in this program;
    • Program of advanced theoretical level (Master level - financed at 50% of its cost by the ISC) - this 2-year program is intended for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the theoretical framework of Ecosynomics, with a view to contributing to the research that it is carried out in the ISC, contributing with its final synthesis projects to the generation of new thinking and areas of application of Ecosynomics;
    • Executive level program (Global Executive level - financed at 10% of its cost by the ISC) - this 2-year program allows executives to apply Ecosynomics tools in their companies, while at the same time witnessing the implementations of their cohort’s colleagues, in different areas of the market. In this program, executives are provided contact with organizations that have been implementing tools and practices framed by Ecosynomics for several years. Many of these organizations were already studied by the ISC research and follow their disruptive practices.
  4. make available at no cost (FREE) the publications made by the ISC over the years - reflections, articles, case studies, reports of studies;
  5. make available at no cost (FREE) to its members, the details of the social impact initiatives in which the ISC has invested over the years, serving as a source of inspiration for our community both for practitioners and researchers, through our Knowledge Sharing Data Base;
  6. provides an Ecosynomics application toolbox at zero cost (FREE) to be used in personal environments (non-commercial purposes) mainly focus on practitioners, as well as information to support the individual development of knowledge related to Ecosynomics and Strategic Clarity;
  7. is the body of certification of the network of hosts and strategists of Vibrancy, ensuring that the participants of this network are trained to execute initiatives in which the Ecosynomics and Strategic Clarity framework is applied in accordance with the methods developed by the ISC.


Make sure you support our investment efforts either by a general gift (donation) or by investing with us in one of the initiatives above.


Our main investments in educational development


Based on 20+ years of experience, meetings with hundreds of groups, and survey responses from over 3,800 people in 124 countries, we know two things:

  1. everyone wants to work in a group with healthier agreements that gets better outcomes;
  2. there are, right now, thousands and thousands (and we believe more) of these groups with much healthier agreements, finding new ways to work within their organization.  See our May 11, 2015 updated analysis of the survey results.

One thing is clear, these high vibrancy groups are finding new agreements that work more efficiently and effectively than generally accepted practices.  These groups exist in every configuration -- every field, every organizational type, every country.  If you are one of them, we want to find you, help you find each other (because you are not alone in figuring this all out), and learn from you, to help other groups move into healthier agreements.

Take our Agreements Health Check

Our Invitation to You 

Take our Agreements Health Check survey to assess the health of your group’s agreements that affect the abundance of resources, harmony of interactions, and vibrancy of value you experience. You can do this for a group at work or play, your friends, your community, or your family.  For our international visitors, the survey has been translated into many languages.


Take the Agreements Health Check survey (about 12 minutes) in one of the following languages.

Cuestionario Detallado de la Salud de Sus Acuerdos (Español)

Ervaring van verhoudings-oorvloed opname (Afrikaans)

Agreements Health Check Detailed Survey (English)

HV Gedetailleerde vragenlijst (Nederlands)

HV 詳細なアンケート (日本人)

Questionnaire Résonnance Harmonique (Français)

Umfrage Harmonic Vibrancy (Deutsch)

Гармонический резонанс. опросник (русский)

مطالعه جامع HV (فارسی)


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