Introduction to Harmonic Vibrancy and Ecosynomics

September 3-5, 2015


At the end of this course, you will be able to describe and relate (1) the experience of harmonic vibrancy, (2) the agreements that influence our experience and outcomes, and (3) the Ecosynomic lenses that highlight the socially embedded assumptions in our agreements. This will enable you to engage others in exploring what choosing abundance-based agreements does for their experience and outcomes, sustainably.

Prior Preparation

Before we come together, I ask that you prepare the following materials to maximize (1) your readiness to engage and share your story, and (2) to build on the stories of the other participants.

  • Write (send in by August 29)
    • One or more examples of how you introduce/lay out the story of vibrancy and Ecosynomics (e.g., documents you have used to share this with others)
    • List of your favorite links about our work, if any
    • Share these materials with the group email list (ask Jim if you cannot find it)
  • Take vibrancy survey (by August 29)
    • 3 times — describing (1) a group where you work, (2) a group of friends or family, (3) the highest vibrancy group you experience
    • Click here to take the survey — use GroupCode “ISCIntro15”


We will spend time experiencing, reflecting, sharing, framing, questioning, coaching, and internalizing what we have learned around the experience of harmonic vibrancy, the choice in agreements, and the ecosynomics of the lenses through we see the agreements. Within this form, we will collaboratively co-host and design the space of these three days together.


The following schedule lays out the general path we will walk together.

  • September 3
    1. Welcome
    2. Overview and guiding principles
    3. Experience
    4. Lunch
    5. Case studies — audio
    6. Dialog
    7. Reflection break
    8. Reflections — audio
  • September 4
    1. Welcome back
    2. Agreements (seeing choices) — audio
    3. Agreements (choosing)
    4. Coaching lunch
    5. Lenses
    6. Coaching break
    7. Agreements Evidence Maps and Costs of Scarcity
    8. Coaching break
    9. Reflections — audio
  • September 5
    1. Welcome back
    2. Synthesis
    3. Coaching lunch
    4. Q&A
    5. Next steps
    6. Debrief
    7. Graduation