Of the many people committed to supporting the evolution of ISC's work in Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy, the following have taken up a leadership role in that effort as members of the Board of Trustees


The Institute for Strategic Clarity exists to support those who, in their striving to achieve greater harmonic vibrancy, are leading the way toward this goal


We focus our efforts in research activities related with Ecosynomics, and we co-invest with our partners and affiliates in initiatives with social impact


We are also committed to developing the capacities of our community, by creating a space to connect and deeply explore the agreements question


Explore with us the possibilities we are working with, to manifest them in probabilities we can commit to

Helen-Ann Ireland

ISC Board Chair

James L. Ritchie-Dunham

ISC President

Luz Maria Puente Kawashima

ISC Board Treasurer

Cleon Dunham

ISC Board Secretary

Ana Cláudia Gonçalves

ISC Board Member

Luis Paiz Bekker

ISC Board Member