Agreement Structures for Health and Environmental Systems

explores, describes, and develops a framework for understanding the effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience of existing and emerging agreements fields for healthy bodies, minds, and planet


Ecosynomics 1.0 reframes agreements fields from (a) working harder, a focus on 1st-order work to build more economic resources, and (b) working smarter, a focus on 2nd-order work to include political and cultural inequities and inclusionary processes to inviting and engaging the potential available in the system in more collaborative, co-generative, co-investment contributions to manifesting a deeper shared purpose

The initial work of ASHES seeks:
To characterize the overall framing of the health-wellbeing of the ecology of human being and environment, connecting the levels of analysis (human physiology, human consciousness, biosphere)
To clarify whether the existing efforts to shift health and environmental systems require collaborative, systemic efforts, with a reframe of the whole understanding
To describe the existing systems of agreements in health and the environment, as a set of interrelated stocks and netflows of inflows and outflows, integrating prevention and treatment
The existing system of what is actually happening, even when called collaborative
The emerging systems of agreements around the world, being innovated by positive deviants, finding what is surprising us, from the periphery
To reframe the power continuum, through AEMaps, highlighting the resource power, network power, tangibilization power inherent in these systems
To develop an integrative model that transcends and includes environment and health, developing a model of “health” (human and environment) outcomes, experience, process, with greater impact resilience

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