[P]latforms for [I]ntegration through [C]ollaborative [N]etworks and [I]ntegrated [C]onversations

explores, describes, and develops a framework for understanding how to accelerate large-system evolution through the strategic leveraging of platforms that integrate people collaborating towards a deeper shared purpose


Ecosynomics 1.0 frames the scaling of social impact in terms of a set of agreements that is coherent at the same level of perceived reality across the four lenses of the Agreements Evidence Map

This agreements field coherence provides a continuum of social impact efforts from scarcity-based resource extraction power designed for accumulation to abundance-based tangibilization power designed for collaboration


The initial work of PICNIC seeks:


To characterize how people come together to leverage their potential, development, and outcomes towards a deeper purpose, framing how to understand what has been learned in the multitude of social impact and collaborative networks experiments around the globe


To map collaborative networks using Agreements Evidence Mapping to see what is unique and what is common across these experiments--how people have learned to realize communities of trust and unity in diversity, realizing spaces for collective productive work


To determine the process-design maturity of our experiences with platforms for integration, collaborative networks, and integrated collaborative conversations, using the Ecosynomic tools of the HV Move Process, the O Process for Co-hosting Collaboration, ecologies of consciousness, and the design levels of segregating, flocking, and uniting


To assess the outcomes and experience of how people come together in these efforts, using the Impact Resilience framework


To continuously explore the questions arising in the collaborative networks community


To test our emerging understanding in the many experiments PICNIC Fellows are running in their communities


To create a common narrative and a common domain of language around terms like collaboration, network, integrated, conversation, platforms


framing the [B]ig [Q]uestions


Primary lens

SCALE 1.0, strategic clarity to accelerate large-system evolution

Origin story

How to impact much more with what have



Scarcity-based resource extraction power designed for accumulation
Abundance-based tangibilization power designed for collaboration

Collaborative network AEMapping

Seen through the 4 lenses

Process-design maturity

HV Move Process
Design level – segregating, flocking, uniting
O Process

What outcomes and experience look like

Impact resilience

Qs arising

In CN work—why need this space for reflection


Projects, data


Etymology – collaboration, network, integrated, conversation, platforms
What is in the terms used
What is forgotten in terms used


e[X]plore some of the[R]elated [R]eflections by clicking the links below


PICNIC White Paper Series

Collaborative Networks -- 29 January 2018 -- by Ruth R, Jim RD

Systems Change and Understanding -- 9 May 2018 -- by Annabel M, Ruth R, Jim RD

Strategic SCAN Due Diligence Protocol -- 9 May 2018 -- by Jim RD, Ruth R, Annabel M



Collaboration Basics: Essential Agreements -- 05 February 2018 -- by Ruth R, Jim RD

Strategic Clarity to Accelerate Large-system Evolution (SCALE 1.0) -- 18 September 2017 -- by Jim RD



YES (Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability) -- Strategic Systems Thinking for Networks

BUILD UPON -- Co-hosting Collaboration

Cancer Free Economy -- Collaborative Networks

RE-AMP -- Collaborative Network (case study and brief discussion)

THORLO -- Integrated Conversations



iCo–The Power of Co-hosting

Group Work ≠ Collaboration: 2 Ways to Make Dysfunctional Groups

You Are Different AND Relevant: That Is Why I Need You

Self-Discovery Leadership


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