[S]tandards of [H]ealth [A]nd [P]oints of [C]hoice

explores, describes, and develops a framework for understanding how to reframe the purpose of much of our work towards self-determined standards of health and the points of choice in that health


Centuries of work in the area of physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of the human being and the health of the environment highlight the deep complexity of individual, public and environmental health, leading to the requirement for deep study and licensed experience

With Ecosynomics 1.0 we have seen in our many co-investments that today’s health and environmental systems are based on coherent agreements fields of scarcity, segregation, and lack of choice


The initial work of SHAPC seeks


To develop an initial framework that describes a kernel of wellbeing

Lumens surplus dynamics

Standards of health

Absolute and relative standards and indices
As measures of impact resilience, outcomes and experiences
Existing definitions of health, physical and mental — from medical journals and association website


To experiment with a 4-fold scaling strategy, around the kernel of wellbeing.


To explore the questions arising in SHAPC communities, to see what they are struggling with


To develop a common domain of language, across our own projects for health, standards of health, choice


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