Witnessing the Ecologies of Consciousness And Nature

explores, describes, and develops a framework and process for witnessing the ecologies of consciousness and nature (WECAN), an emerging capacity to work with what can be known and what exists. The primary focus is on who is choosing what and how as Homo lumens and in what context

Ecosynomics 1.0 reframes Homo sapiens in a scarcity-based world focused on outcomes to Homo lumens in an abundance-based universe that interweaves the potential, development, and outcomes levels of reality
To reframe this worldview more fully, WECAN frames a picture of Homo lumens, the context Homo lumens lives in, and how Homo lumens works within this context


The picture of Homo lumens describes where we are now in the evolution of consciousness, how we got here through multiples stages of evolution of consciousness, and the emerging, next stage of evolution

This paints a picture of the ecology of consciousness, an epistemological picture of what it is to know

The picture of the context Homo lumens lives in describes the interpenetrating dimensions of the reality we experience as Homo lumens, as expressions of the spiritual world that creates it, how these forces manifest the natural world we live in, our current context that serves as the assumption basis for most of our transformation work, the emerging context of the future we will most likely live in, and the emerging forms of agreements fields that will support the way the emerging human consciousness can best live into the emerging context
This paints a picture of the ecology of nature, an ontological picture of what exists


The picture of how Homo lumens works within the reality of this co-evolving context describes the process of co-witnessing tangibilization

This picture describes the new geometry of Homo lumens working with the spiritual hierarchies to manifest new forms, pathways, possibilities

This includes the design of initiatory ritual work with the Spirit of Inspiration through “ἐγώ εἰμί logos” ritual and the I AM shrine


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