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BMC Diabetes

BMC Diabetes with Hal Rabbino The BMC Diabetes project in 1997 used the reference behavior pattern, coupled with qualitative stock-flow diagramming to shift the global strategy of a diabetes diagnostic company, and to explain to its leadership why it had missed this critical turning point and how to make the transition. Initial Project Description In this 1o-minute […]

Delta-R Oilfield Integration Services

Delta-R with Hal Rabbino The Delta-R project, 2000-2001, integrated the strategic systems understanding into an online platform for an integrated understanding of the oilfield in hydrocarbon asset valuation.  The project started by developing the software, with the Delta-R software team, that integrated the system dynamics simulation capacity with the strategic systems framework to integrate different elements […]

Grupo Bal — Corporate

Grupo Bal with Hal Rabbino The Grupo Bal project, in 1999, explored the strategic systems understanding of a corporate governance setting, understanding the interplay of multiple businesses and the role of the corporate function. Initial Project Description In this 10-minute exploration, Hal provides an overview of this strategic process, initial insights, key experiences, and shifts in the […]

Cancer Free Economy Network

Cancer Free Economy Network with Conrado Garcia Madrid The Cancer Free Economy Network project in 2015-2016 worked with a large, multi-stakeholder process to rid the US economy of carcinogenic toxins.  The project joined an on-going strategic systems process that already had a systems map and leverage points identified.  The project started by taking a team […]

Comision Estatal de Aguas de Queretaro (...

Comision Estatal de Aguas de Queretaro with Conrado Garcia Madrid The Comision Estatal de Aguas de Queretaro project in 2006, with follow up in 2016, worked with the governmental agency leaders and some of their stakeholders to shift their strategy.  This project involved coordination with a simultaneous reengineering project, and culminated in a table of […]

Kraft Mexico

Kraft Mexico with Conrado Garcia Madrid The Kraft Mexico project in 2003 brought together the Kraft Mexico sales team with its top distributors to understand the underlying dynamics of what worked and did not work in the sales system for them.  Combining system dynamics simulation and strategic clarity analysis, this project culminated in a 1.5-day […]

Global Colors Company — Mexico and Centr

Global Colors Company with Luz Maria Puente Kawashima The Global Colors Company project started in 2002 and took place within the food colors division of the Mexico and Central America operations of a global colors company. The project used strategic systems mapping to engage functional areas across the company to see themselves as a whole. Initial […]

Town of Vail

Town of Vail with Hal Rabbino The project with the Town of Vail covered the first two weeks of December 1998, exploring how this very successful global-destination ski resort could meet the needs of its visitors and its residents simultaneously.  Using the emerging Strategic Clarity process, we engaged the leadership of the Town of Vail in […]

Society for Organizational Learning

Society for Organizational Learning with Hal Rabbino The project with the Council of the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) began in the early fall of 2001, exploring how to engage SoL’s growing membership, across three constituencies: corporate members; researchers; and consultants.  The year-long Strategic Clarity process inquired into the systemic strategy, shifts in mental models and […]

Vehicular Congestion in Mexico City

Vehicular Congestion in Mexico City with Conrado Garcia Madrid The vehicular congestion in Mexico City project was a thesis project undertaken by Conrado and Annabel Membrillo in their undergraduate program at the ITAM in Mexico City in 1995. The project included initial qualitative systems mapping, multi-stakeholder interviews to build and validate a system dynamics model, and […]