The “Frameworks Basics” is a 6-month, in-person training focused on exploring the leading edge of abundance-based approaches to greater impact, giving you the practical skills to engage others in a healthier experience, use the basic ecosynomic tools and processes, and assess them with measurement systems.

Apply — [click button to apply for the course]

  1. To join the next cohort in this training, you will first apply to the training.
  2. ISC will review your application.
  3. If accepted, you will receive a letter confirming acceptance, with (a) instructions of how to pay the upfront c0-investment, and (b) instructions for meeting with your cohort.

What You Will Be Able To Do

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • co-host the experience of harmonic vibrancy with a group
  • use three fundamental Ecosynomics tools: the HV Survey and 3-Circle Diagram; the Agreements Evidence Map; and the Costs of Scarcity map
  • use two fundamental Ecosynomics processes: the O Process; and the Harmonic Vibrancy Move Process
  • design and use measurement systems to support ecosynomic agreements with a group

Your Co-investment

The Institute for Strategic Clarity (ISC) will co-invest in this experience with you.

This experience requires co-investments from you, your cohort, your ISC co-host, and ISC.

  • Your co-investment
    • Time — you will spend 30-40 hours preparing for the 3 sessions, 6 hours in 3 pre-session online gatherings, and 18 days in the 3 sessions
    • Money — you will pay US$5,000 upfront for the full course tuition, and you will cover your own travel, lodging, and food for the sessions
    • Preparation — you will be prepared for every session, having done the requested pre-session assignments and post-session applications
    • Ethics — you will be prepared, engage respectfully, and practice tangibilizing what you are learning throughout the training
  • Your cohort’s co-investment
    • Time — your cohort will engage fully with you, expecting the same of you
    • Preparation — your cohort will arrive prepared to fully participate, every day
    • Ethics — your cohort will be prepared, engage respectfully, tangibilize what is being learned, sharing what is being learned
    • Support — before, during, and between sessions, your cohort will support you in your learning, tangibilizing, and sharing
  • Your ISC co-host’s co-investment
    • Time — your ISC co-host will engage fully with you and the cohort, before, during, and between sessions, throughout the whole training
    • Preparation — your ISC co-host brings conceptual training and field experience in the work of ecosynomics, as well as being prepared to engage fully with you throughout the training
    • Ethics — your ISC co-host will be prepared, engage all members of the cohort respectfully, supporting you in tangibilizing what you are learning, and sharing what they are learning
  • ISC’s co-investment
    • Vision — ISC envisions a world where everyone, everywhere, everyday experiences far greater choice in their experiences and impacts in the world.
    • Invitation — ISC invites you to engage fully in contributing to this vision, in your own work and as part of ISC’s global network of certified practitioners.
    • Certification — For your full engagement in this training, ISC certifies your readiness to engage with these experiences, tools, processes, and measures in an integrated, abundance-based way.
    • Platform — Throughout the training and after, ISC provides an online platform to support your continuous learning, application, sharing, and connecting with ISC’s global network of certified practitioners, leading academic institutions, and field settings.
    • Intellectual development — Since 1993 ISC has led the intellectual development, field-testing, and evolution of the ecosynomic principles in hundreds of settings globally, which ISC shares openly with you in this exploration together.
    • Connections — ISC connects you with its network, starting with the ISC co-host for your training, the ISC Fellows you will meet along the way, and ISC’s global network


We will be together 18 days–6 days 3 times every 2 months over a total of 6 months.  We will experience, reflect, share, frame, question, coach, and internalize what we have learned.  Within this form, we will collaboratively co-host and design the space of these three-day spaces together.

  • 1st Session — Overview and The Experience
  • 2nd Session — Tools and Processes
  • 3rd Session — Measurement and Integration


The following schedule lays out the general path we will walk together.

  • 1st Session (Overview and The Experience)
    • Day 1
      • Welcome, overview and guiding principles, experience
      • Lunch
      • Case studies, dialog, reflections
    • Day 2
      • Welcome back, agreements (seeing choices), agreements (choosing)
      • Coaching lunch
      • Lenses, coaching breaks, Agreements Evidence Maps and Costs of Scarcity, reflections
    • Day 3
      • Welcome back, synthesis
      • Coaching lunch
      • Q&A, next steps, debrief, reflections
    • Day 4
      • Welcome back, the other’s experience (part 1)
      • Reflecting lunch (part 2)
      • The other’s experience (part 3), seeing the other’s experience, coaching break, reflections
    • Day 6
      • Welcome back, co-hosting experience (part 1), co-hosting experience (part 2)
      • Coaching lunch (part 3)
      • Synthesis, Q&A, reflections, next steps, debrief
  • 2nd Session (Tools and Processes)
    • Day 1
      • Welcome, questions from “Tools” prepwork, overview of tools, Tool — HV Survey Part 1
      • Lunch Exercise
      • Tools – HV Survey Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Q&A, AE Map Part 1
    • Day 2
      • Welcome back, Tools – AE Map Part 2, Part 3
      • Lunch Lecture
      • Tools – Costs of Scarcity Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Reflections
    • Day 3
      • Welcome back, synthesis
      • Lunch – Integration of 3 Tools Part 1
      • Integration of 3 Tools Part 2, Q&A, next steps
    • Day 4
      • Welcome, questions from “Processes” prepwork, overview of processes, Process – O Process Part 1
      • Lunch – Process – O Process Part 2
      • Processes – O Process Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, reflections
    • Day 5
      • Welcome back, Process – HV Move Process Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
      • Lunch – Process – HV Move Process Part 4
      • Process – HV Move Process Part 5, reflections
    • Day 6
      • Welcome back, synthesis
      • Lunch – Integration of Processes Part 1
      • Integration of Processes Part 2, Q&A, reflections, next steps
  • 3rd Session (Measurement and Integration)
    • Day 1
      • Welcome, questions from “Measurement” prepwork, overview of measurement
      • Lunch – Measures as Part of My Life
      • Mental Models, the Cube, Impact Resilience, application of Measures – Impact Resilience, reflections
    • Day 2
      • Welcome back, problems with Current Measures of Group Outcomes, Systemic Leverage Index
      • Lunch – Application of Measures – SLI
      • SLI Sharing Projects, reflections
    • Day 3
      • Welcome back, assessing experience, Impact Resilience Reflector
      • Lunch – Application of Measures – Impact Resilience Reflector
      • Application of Measures – Integration of Measures, share integration designs, reflections
    • Day 4
      • Welcome back, integrating experience-tools-processes-measurement, designing your agile agreements shift
      • Lunch – Coaching
      • Framing your agile design, Your Impact Resilience Reflector, reflections
    • Day 5
      • Welcome back, your agile agreements shift – processes
      • Lunch – Coaching
      • Your agile agreements shift – tools & resources, reflections
    • Day 6
      • Welcome back, your agile agreements shift – timing, co-investments, invitation
      • Lunch – Coaching
      • Connecting for tomorrow, needs and offers, reflections
      • Graduation


Before we come together, for each session, you will (1) read and listen to the following materials, and (2) meet as a cohort on-line to discuss the materials and any questions you have about them.  These are great opportunities to connect with your cohort before and between sessions.