ISC is a research and education non-profit organization, focused on developing participatory processes and systemic methodologies to address complex societal issues and realize individual’s highest aspirations for a greater social good

Our audacious goal is to enable higher vibrancy, abundance-based agreements worldwide by 2040. We believe everyone has the right to live an abundance-based, higher vibrancy life, and the agreements we make are the basis for that

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The Social Topography of  Human Agreements 

We are describing and framing how thousands of these innovative leaders, across the globe, are achieving much greater impact resilience and sustainable interactions.


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We are co-investing with several Organizational and Individual partners around the globe

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We are a non-profit research and education organization, that supports research into the emerging field of Ecosynomics, clarifying the strategic understanding of how people consciously choose abundance-based agreements

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Take our survey to assess your group’s agreements that affect the abundance of resources, harmony of interactions, and vibrancy of value you experience.

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James L. Ritchie-Dunham

Looking out thirty years, I believe a completely different set of agreements can exist among all peoples, agreements in which people can strive towards their own deeper potential. I believe that we wi...

Helen-Ann Ireland

As many of the old forms of working together become ineffective, I see ISC’s role as one of having the experience and educational tools ready to assist organizations in their search for new ways of ...

Cleon Dunham

I look forward to the day when ISC, through its initiatives in Ecosynomics and Harmonic Vibrancy, can make a significant impact on the personal, social, business, governmental, and international relat...

Luz Maria Puente Kawashima

My vision for the Institute is that the ecosynomics principles can provide a framework for governments, organizations, communities and global networks where they can create for themselves a promising ...

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  • "Mainstream social and economic paradigms are based on individualism, competition for scarce resources and control, while ecosynomic paradigms are based on collaboration, emerging abundant resources and commitment. It is our conviction that this new social- economic paradigm is emerging to address the challenges of individual, organizational, and societal transformation. Several leading organizations across the world serve as an example of just such social pioneering. I believe that the Institute for Strategic Clarity will play a significant role in the emergence of this new paradigm."

    Micheal Puleo

    Former Board Member

  • "I believe that our place (in all its meanings) derives from the fundamental agreements that we have with ourselves and the universe and thus, by extension, the agreements that we have with others individually and in community. These often unconscious agreements are the underlying basis of human life and community as we know it here on earth. (...) ISC, through the Harmonic Vibrancy and Ecosynomic work, is our placeholder in the world to bring these agreements to light for everyone's understanding and use."

    Leslie Ritchie-Dunham

    ISC Director of Creativity

  • "Developing happiness is emerging as an increasingly legitimate and better understood individual and collective aspiration. For happiness to flourish requires new frameworks, relationships, patterns of interactions (structures, ceremonies and etiquettes), and competencies. ISC can make a valuable contribution to this emergence."

    Steve Waddell

    Former Board Member

  • "I strongly believe that we are living a special moment as humanity. Over the last few years, I have met many people thinking, feeling and acting differently. They are following new rules, new ways to connect themselves, and new ways to live. (...) The ground is ready, and the tipping point of the shift in consciousness is here and every one of us just needs to be open to “listen” to the call. Ecosynomics and Harmonic Vibrancy can speed up this shift in consciousness of humanity through naming the “movement” and connecting people living this way in a world community where the possibilities of what can be done will be infinite."  

    Annabel Membrillo Jimenez

    ISC Contributing Fellow

  • "I believe that from the far future looking back, ISC will be understood and acknowledged as instrumental in “identifying, naming, and framing” the new economic paradigm “Ecosynomics.” I am committed to being instrumental in the sustainability of ISC’s efforts, until purposeful collaborative abundance replaces self-centered competitive scarcity as the economic mainstream paradigm, in any capacity that I can serve."

    James Throneburg

    ISC Advisor

  • "There are today a great many leaders who are experimenting vigorously with more holistic and enlightened ways of designing and operating their organizations. (...) The Institute for Strategic Clarity, I believe, has the intention and capacity to play a major role in promoting, supporting, and strengthening these promising initiatives."

    Andrew Leaf

    Former ISC Fellow

  • "My grand children already know ISC as the seed unleashing the paramount potentials of social, political and ecosynomic transformation. (...) They know that ISC co-hosted innovative spaces for pioneering groups that changed the agreements of human interactions with themselves and with their inspirited natural environment."

    Christoph Hinske

    Former ISC Fellow

  • "Through the framework of Ecosynomics and harmonic vibrancy, ISC is providing a way for forward-thinking leaders in complex social systems - families, organizations, larger communities - to successfully meet the daunting and painful economic, political and personal breakdowns happening worldwide. (...) Through innovative action research, educational tools, dialogue forums and organizational partnerships, ISC contributes to new knowledge and best practice that will build new levels of meaning and hope."

    Ned Hulbert

    Former ISC Fellow



  1. Global Executive Masters in Ecosynomics @ South Africa

    January 19 - January 26
  2. Global Executive Masters in Ecosynomics @ Portugal

    May 11 - May 18
  3. Global Executive Masters in Ecosynomics @ UK & Belgium

    September 14 - September 21
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