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Since its creation, ISC's work is the result of the contributions and co-investments of all those who feel identified and committed to its deeper purpose. We are sincerely grateful to all and each one of our supporters.

Over the years, we at the Institute for Strategic Clarity have defined a field of scientific inquiry, Ecosynomics, written a foundational text that describes the field and provides tools for shifting agreements, and engaged thousands of people in field-testing these concepts and tools.

Our goal is to reach everyone, everywhere every day. For this, YOUR contribution and co-investment is fundamental. 

You can support our work through open gifts, whether recurring or a one-time gift.  This ax-deductible gift is an investment that enables us to multiply across the globe the social impact of seeing and choosing abundance-based agreements 

The return on this investment is the social impact of the transformational experience in hundreds of groups and communities by millions of people, over the next 24 months.   

Whether it is a monthly gift of US$10, US$50, or US$100, or a one-time gift, it all invests in the social impact of every individual on the planet being able to choose abundance-based agreements and the experience of greater vibrancy every day. 

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