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EAN Vermont--The Next Generation: Living Labs

Energy Action Network (EAN) Vermont--The Next Generation with Annabel Membrillo Jimenez

The EAN Vermont project is in its ninth year, from its initial inception through its strategic systems collaborative process, described elsewhere in the knowledgeable.  The new generation of leadership, recently engaged in 2017, reached out to engage Vibrancy in exploring how to re-embrace the systemic understanding and to re-invigorate the leverage point teams.

Initial Project Description

In this 10-minute exploration, Annabel provides an overview of the early stages of this revisiting of the strategic systems collaborative work, the due-diligence process, key insights for network governance, sustained work with the strategic systems understanding, and realignment of leverage point teams, key experiences or shifts in the participants, and documented impacts.

Video (or audio-only version)

ISC Live Lab Co-investment and Return on Co-investment

Context.  In 2017, we were exploring the many ways in which large-scale systems change requires on-going strategic systems support, as the system evolves over many years.

Co-investment.  In this on-going relationship with the EAN effort in Vermont, we co-invested our intellectual property of strategic systems thinking and sustained support of systemic change, and our social capital of connections to other initiatives and foundations working with us on similar issues.

Return on Co-investment.  The return on this co-investment was developing new capacities for supporting long-term systems-change initiatives, as leaders come and go.

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