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James L. Ritchie-Dunham

James L. Ritchie-Dunham

ISC President [LinkedInGoogleScholar, blog]

Clinical Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business, Management Department

Looking out twenty years, I believe a completely different set of agreements can exist among all peoples, agreements in which people can strive towards their own deeper potential. I believe that we will look back to 2024 as a time when the work of a few highlighted the broad-based emergence of this new set of agreements, in critical, high-leverage ways, and that the Institute for Strategic Clarity and its global community of scholars and practitioners played a key role in that work. It will have been through the “naming” of the foundations of the new agreements, what we now call ecosynomics, that people began to identify what they were learning and to connect with each other in support of the new agreements.

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