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Managing from Clarity (PDF)

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In searching for the organizational 'magic' that makes some businesses thrive and other fail, management gurus, academic seers and business leaders strive to articulate a single reason for success. Managers are then faced with analyzing numerous findings and trying to integrate the best elements from each view that makes sense to them.

Managing from Clarity integrates the different views into one, streamlined structure which includes organizational as well as operational dynamics and moves it into the realm of strategic management. A host of tools and processes are presented, which offer leaders the means to make informed and deeply thought decisions on how best to balance multiple strategic issues. This books shows managers how to:

* Describe an individual's mental map of the world as a basis for decision-making
* Clearly articulate and map key relationships across the entire organization
* Describe the basis for developing a common, systemic platform for communication of strategic issues.
* Provide a rigorous and straightforward method for testing strategic hypotheses.
* Identify the essential strategic resources within a firm

and so harness the enormous potential for performance improvement that comes from integrating and aligning the mental methods of the individuals of the firm around the global goals of the organization.

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