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Sep 11, 2001

Society for Organizational Learning: Living Labs

Society for Organizational Learning with Hal Rabbino The project with the Council of the Society for Organizational ...

Sep 18, 2000

SAPAL -- Water Management System for Leon (Mexico) Metropolitan Area: Living Labs

SAPAL -- Water Management System for the Leon (Mexico) Metropolitan Area with Annabel Membrillo Jimenez and Conrado ...

Sep 18, 2000

Delta-R Oilfield Integration Services: Living Labs

Delta-R with Hal Rabbino The Delta-R project, 2000-2001, integrated the strategic systems understanding into an onli...

Sep 18, 1999

Luz y Fuerza Mexico -- Electric Utility: Living Labs

Luz y Fuerza Mexico -- Electric Utility with Conrado Garcia Madrid The Luz y Fuerza Mexico project started in 1999 w...

Sep 18, 1999

Grupo Bal -- Corporate: Living Labs

Grupo Bal with Hal Rabbino The Grupo Bal project, in 1999, explored the strategic systems understanding of a corpora...

Dec 1, 1998

Town of Vail: Living Labs

Town of Vail with Hal Rabbino The project with the Town of Vail covered the first two weeks of December 1998, explor...

Sep 18, 1997

BMC Diabetes: Living Labs

BMC Diabetes with Hal Rabbino The BMC Diabetes project in 1997 used the reference behavior pattern, coupled with qua...

Sep 18, 1995

Vehicular Congestion in Mexico City: Living Labs

Vehicular Congestion in Mexico City with Conrado Garcia Madrid The vehicular congestion in Mexico City project was a...
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