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Hernando Aguilera

Hernando Aguilera

ISC Fellow [LinkedIn]

Hernando leads a team applying the ecosynomics of Total Value Generated (TVG) within client settings in Mexico, part of ISC's applied research. TVG is a strategic-measurement framework for measuring the health and regenerative capacities of organizations, at the individual, office, company, and corporate levels,

Hernando leads the "Designing Your Life" initiative, bringing ecosynomics into the personal realm of development, contributing to ISC's education mandate.  He has already developed and delivered multiple cohorts of "Designing Your Life" in his community in Mexico, with members of the first cohorts now co-hosting the process with the following cohorts.  Hernando is also bringing "Designing Your Life" to senior leadership teams within companies.

See a September 17, 2022 talk with Hernando with the Mexican stock exchange BIVA on Chief Sustainability Officer certification for strategic ESG implementation, based in health human agreements (in Spanish).

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